Helping Melrose and its citizens save energy
Created in 2005, the Melrose Energy Commission is a group of Melrose citizens who are
volunteering their time to help the city and its residents save energy. By reducing energy
consumption, the MEC is contributing tangible and positive steps toward lessening the harmful
effects of global warming and climate change.
Heating and hot water rebates
This document outlines rebates that are available for the installation of
new heating and hot water systems.    
MELROSE ENERGY COMMISSION                                        781-662-2616
Go Solar Melrose
The Melrose Energy Commission and EnergySage have developed an
exciting opportunity that allows pre-screened solar installers to compete
for your business.

The program is designed for residents, businesses and nonprofits to
compare quotes from multiple solar installers. It also allows potential
solar customers to compare several financing options

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Residents can participate by arranging for a free energy
audit by HomeWorks Energy, an energy services company
located in Woburn.

To schedule an audit, call
339-502-4353 or
visit the
Melrose Energy Challenge web page.

After evaluating a home, the energy auditor will propose
energy-efficiency upgrades and explain corresponding rebate

Insulation rebates, for example, cover 75 percent of the cost,
up to $2,000.
If you have already arranged for an audit
through Next Step Living, please call the above
number to reschedule.

For additional information, click HERE.
For a detailed explanation of this opportunity, click HERE for
a PowerPoint presentation or read the